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The M2M channel
The M2M channel
The M2M channel
The M2M Channel charts the development of what's expected to be a booming market within the next 5 years. Up to now connectivity has been about connecting people, but lowering connectivity costs and ubiquitous networks mean it's now become viable to connect whole categories of device to the network.Sponsor
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Beyond Ethernet: Fast Forward to Ethernet Exchange

Service Providers and Enterprises around the world are eagerly migrating to Ethernet technologies due to Ethernet's ability to scale, its progressively more sophisticated management features, and lower costs.

With the ratification of new standards, Ethernet has recently evolved to the point where it is now a viable inter-carrier solution as well.  The challenge now is to expand Ethernet service availability to all required customer endpoints.


Join Rochelle Barnett, Cisco Systems, Marketing Manager, your host for a webcast addressing the changing Ethernet Services market.


Discussion Topics Include:


·        The Growth of Business Ethernet Services

·        The Opportunity and Drivers of Ethernet Exchanges

·        How Ethernet Exchanges will help expand the overall Ethernet market


Our Panel of Speakers Include:

Erin Dunne, Vertical Systems Group, Director of Research Services
Rose Klimovich, Telx, Vice President, Product Development and Product Management
Greg Smith, Cisco Systems, Marketing Manager


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event password: cisco10


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

9:00 am Pacific Time
5:00 pm London Time

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Event Location
29 June 2010 : 09:00:00 /
29 June 2010 : 10:00:00
Online, San Jose, United States
Posted by David Deans - Cisco
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Attending: 1 people
Other, Cisco - United States
Tags: Ethernet exchange Cisco Telx Vertical Systems Group