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Posted By TelecomTV One , 04 December 2012 | 1 Comments | (1)
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Here's a thought - aftermarket vehicle M2M. Instead of buying a car with all the latest M2M goodies onboard you buy it in as an extra. By I.D. Scales.


There's clearly going to be a huge market for retrofitting M2M modules on cars -  just as car owners have always retrofitted things like alloy wheels, driving lights, go-faster stripes and so on. 
For one thing, a lot of us are driving cars which are - ahem - a few years old and therefore don't have any connectivity.  But unless they are really old (pre 1995) they will have a standard on-board diagnostics port which the repair shop now uses to find out what part to expensively send off for.
Into one of those ports might go a '' module which can do much of the jazzy M2M stuff you might have thought only brand new cars would be able to do., the company, is still in start-up mode, but the product is already well-defined.
The module does GPS and connects with T-Mobile's 2G network in the US (Rogers in Canada, no word yet on the rest of the world). The idea is that it runs apps (like a smartphone) and can return data to the cloud and act on instructions 
The apps are a bit big brotherish so far -  there's FamilyConnect which basically monitors teen drivers and tells on them if they go too fast;  then there's a sort of car bully application - DriveSmart - which "disables texts and phone calls on yours or your teenage drivers' smart phone until the car is in park or the parking brake is engaged". 
The Big Brother stuff isn't the only game in town, though. It has a vehicle location app, security app, a 'monitor the car and suggest a trip to the repair shop' app.  Clearly many more to come. 
All in all, an interesting move. Sounds to me like a viable approach to auto M2M, if only because you can take your module (and the apps) with you when you change cars. 

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(1) 06 December 2012 16:56:13 by suvradeep

car bully application is very interesting. do these car bully apps use speech recognition? i have just started learning but do they make use of TASOM (time adaptive self-organizing maps)? Or, is it GSOM (growing self-organizing maps)? my understanding of self-organizing maps has always been a work-in-progress, so please enrich me.