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Qualcomm pulls together Internet of Everything platform

Posted By TelecomTV One , 07 January 2013 | 0 Comments | (0)
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Another platform play: Qualcomm has just used the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to announce an 'Internet of Everything' development platform. By I. D. Scales.


Qualcomm says the platform will rope together its 3G Gobi modems and the all-encompassing QSC6270-Turbo chipset it announced last year, which supports Oracle's Java ME Embedded 3.2.
The result will be what Qualcomm claims is "an ideal starting point for [developers to create] a range of cellular-connected products and applications for IoE/M2M verticals such as tracking, industrial controls and health care."
It says that developers with little mobile experience will be able to get up to speed quickly by executing Java directly onto the QSC6270-Turbo chipset. 
Qualcomm claims: "This IoE development platform includes several onboard sensors and indicators, including an accelerometer, light sensor and temperature sensor. The Java ME 3.2 software release, which can run on this platform, includes several new JSRs for IoE applications, as well as Device Access and AT Command Pass Through APIs that give developers access to a large number of chipset IOs and interfaces."
The development platform applications will work with AT&T's network and will be available to developers in the second quarter of 2013. 

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