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The M2M channel
The M2M channel
The M2M channel
The M2M Channel charts the development of what's expected to be a booming market within the next 5 years. Up to now connectivity has been about connecting people, but lowering connectivity costs and ubiquitous networks mean it's now become viable to connect whole categories of device to the network.Sponsor
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Evolution of the Mobile Network

Advanced mobile devices applications, and networks are changing our lives in immeasurable ways. In today's "new normal," they help you connect and collaborate "your way" anytime and anywhere.

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  • Learn about upcoming developments in devices and new networks -- from industry insiders and technology experts.
  • Hear how service providers are offering enhanced capabilities like mobile video and mobile Internet.
  • Gain perspective from users on where this communication evolution will go next.


Register and you'll receive the "Evolution of the Mobile Network," an overview of how usage trends are shaping the delivery of ubiquitous mobility.

Event Location
05 June 2012 : 16:00:00 /
05 June 2012 : 17:00:00
online, San Jose, United States
Posted by David Deans - Cisco
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Tags: Cisco mobile service-provider Video Internet applications