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The M2M channel
The M2M channel
The M2M channel
The M2M Channel charts the development of what's expected to be a booming market within the next 5 years. Up to now connectivity has been about connecting people, but lowering connectivity costs and ubiquitous networks mean it's now become viable to connect whole categories of device to the network.Sponsor
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Mobile Internet Innovations in Action

Upcoming webinar features 2 demos that illustrate how Cisco brings to life recent Mobile Internet Innovations.

The Mobile Shopper demo will demonstrate how an SP Wi-Fi operator partners with a Shopping Mall and Retail stores to offer seamless Wi-Fi access and onboarding along with context-aware mobile engagement for location services, hyper-targeted offers and promotions, and better personalized customer service.


The Mobile Video demonstration shows how Cisco's Monetization Architecture -- including new capabilities of the Cisco Quantum in the network abstraction layer, policy control systems, and Open APIs -- allows Operators to increase Service Creation Velocity by extracting, correlating, and Monetizing Real-Time Network Intelligence to launch analytics-driven innovative services (e.g., Mobile Targeted Advertising, Toll-Free data, Location-based ads, etc.)


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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT-5)


You will learn:

  • How Cisco’s SP Wi-Fi and Small Cells, carrier-grade solutions that bring spectral efficiencies, enable cost-effective traffic offload, and provide Operators a platform to monetize indoor location-based services and analytics to create unprecedented customer engagement -- especially in high-density environments in Retail, Hospitality, Sports, Entertainment, and others
  • How Cisco's Next Generation Mobile Internet Architecture enables Operators to monetize real-time network intelligence and analytics, i.e., "Data in Motion", which provides the contextual relevance that can open up new growth opportunities.


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Event Location
23 April 2013 : 16:00:00 /
23 April 2013 : 17:00:00
online, San Jose, United States
Posted by David Deans - Cisco
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Other, Cisco - United States
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