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Why Virgin Media Upgraded to IP TV Distribution

Posted By David Deans, 11 September 2009 | 0 Comments | (1)
Tags: Cisco virgin media IPTV HDTV cable connected life Video medianet

Virgin Media has chosen Cisco to support its Internet Protocol (IP) TV distribution platform and help upgrade its legacy digital TV infrastructure.

Virgin Media will deploy Cisco Digital Video Headend technology in all of its regional and central headends to enable growth in standard-definition and advanced high-definition TV (HDTV) services.


Deployed across Virgin Media's national fibre optic network, Cisco IP core and edge network technologies will provide high-speed distribution between the central and regional headends and support delivery to Virgin Media's high-speed access network.


On completion, the new TV platform will be capable of delivering advanced services to more than 12.6 million UK homes.


Next Generation of Entertainment Services


  • Virgin Media's upgraded TV distribution platform will be extensively based on Cisco technology, including Cisco's IP Next-Generation Network core and edge routing and switching, digital video headend solutions, and system management and monitoring.
  • The project, managed by Cisco, includes installation, full system integration, the priming of third-party elements and support provided by the Cisco Advanced Video Services Group.
  • The simplified infrastructure will help Virgin Media to reduce operating expenses, support the rollout of new conditional-access security services, and accelerate the introduction of new standard- and high-definition services.


"Upgrading our digital TV platform means we can continue bringing innovative new services to our customers. With greater resilience and added capacity, we can guarantee an outstanding viewer experience as we add further HD content to our TV platform. Cisco has the right experience and expertise to deliver a complete solution and help support the rollout of a next generation of entertainment services" said Daniel Hennessy, director of technical architecture at Virgin Media.


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