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Cisco Honored with Best CPE Supplier Award

Posted By David Deans, 21 September 2009 | 0 Comments | (3)
Tags: Liberty Global UPC Broadband Cisco Best CPE Supplier award

Cisco received the award for "Best CPE Supplier" to UPC Broadband and Liberty Global.

Liberty Global, Inc., the leading international cable operator, and its European cable division, UPC Broadband, recently announced the winners of its 2009 ‘Vendor Awards’ at the annual ‘Liberty Global Summit’ in Hilversum, the Netherlands.


The company recognized its vendor partners’ achievements in several categories of equipment and services including ‘Best CPE Supplier,' 'Best Network Supplier’ and ’Best Breakthrough Supplier’.


Cisco Systems, Inc. received the award for “Best CPE Supplier” to UPC Broadband and Liberty Global. It’s the second year in a row that Cisco was honored with this award of recognition.


This is also the second time that Liberty Global has acknowledged its relationship with its partners this way -- the first time was during the 2008 award ceremony hosted by UPC Broadband.


The Liberty Global Vendor Awards recognize suppliers that have structurally supported the high level development and innovations of Liberty Global’s business.


Ten vendors received a Liberty Global Vendor Award, which recognizes the quality of the vendor's overall partnership with Liberty Global, as well as achievement against performance objectives in categories such as Account Management; Quality of Service; Product and Delivery; Cost Competitiveness and Innovation Power.


"Liberty Global recognizes outstanding performances and innovative products and services of our partners. We thank them for their professionalism and industry knowledge that enables us to keep offering our customers new and reliable products and services in their digital homes," said Balan Nair, Chief Technology Officer at Liberty Global. "With these awards we express our appreciation for their work to keep ahead of our competition in a challenging global environment."


Liberty Global is the leading international cable operator offering advanced video, voice and broadband internet services to connect its customers to the world of entertainment, communications and information. As of June 30, 2009, Liberty Global operated state-of-the-art networks that served approximately 17 million customers across 14 countries principally located in Europe, Japan, Chile, and Australia. Liberty Global’s operations also include significant programming businesses such as Chellomedia in Europe.


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