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Next Generation 'Green' Energy Efficient STBs

Posted By David Deans, 22 September 2009 | 0 Comments | (4)
Tags: UPC Broadband Liberty Global Cisco STB DVR Green

UPC Broadband, the European division of the international cable operator Liberty Global, launched a program to reduce energy consumption of set-top boxes (STB) for their digital TV services.

In cooperation with Cisco Systems, Inc, UPC is introducing a next generation of energy saving ‘green’ Cisco 8485 HD DVR set-top boxes and a power-saving software update to be deployed to new and existing STBs. The award was first announced at the IBC 2009 event in Amsterdam.


These initiatives fit within the Liberty Global Climate Challenge program, a companywide environmental program designed to reduce carbon emissions. They are also helping UPC customers to reduce their carbon footprint and to lower energy bills.


The next generation of UPC’s set-top boxes will use less than 1 Watt in stand-by, while the average consumption levels (powered and stand-by time) can amount to around 5.5 Watt -- which is similar to a typical clock-radio. Deployment of the next-gen STBs will be initially in Switzerland, Ireland and Poland. Deployment is also planned for the Netherlands and other locations.


In 2010, a software upgrade will enable these set-top boxes to exceed upcoming requirements, allowing customers to select a mode of operation where the boxes will go into the low-power standby mode automatically when not in use.


"UPC Broadband recognizes its role in helping the entertainment industry become more energy efficient. Together with our vendors, we are taking a series of measures in our own network and facilities to reduce our carbon emissions. We are also helping our customers reducing their carbon footprint and realizing financial savings" said Gene Musselman, President of UPC Broadband.


UPC and Liberty Global are taking a leading role in European industry cooperation to accelerate the use of more energy efficient set-top boxes. The industry has developed a Voluntary Agreement (VA) on STB power consumption and Liberty Global is working with other stakeholders to support this program with the aim of having it formally endorsed by the EU.


Early in 2009, Liberty Global launched ‘Climate Challenge,’ a company-wide program, to address the impact of its business on the environment. Through this program the company aims to reduce its energy consumption and help employees to be more environmentally friendly at work and at home.

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