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NewTeeVee Live: the Year of TV Everywhere

Posted By David Deans, 06 November 2009 | 0 Comments | (2)
Tags: Television Pay-TV OTT Video Entertainment medianet Cisco

The future is coming into view. Soon, entertainment won't be bound to the platform it came in on -- the content you want to watch will finally be accessible wherever you want to watch it.

One of the most important venues is of course the living room. Between gaming consoles, browser-enabled TVs, set-top boxes, network DVRs, simple cables -- it's a battle to see who can bring the flexibility and variety of online video delivery to the comfort of your couch.


NewTeeVee Live 2009

Television Reinvented

November 12, 2009

Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA


Cisco Systems is an Event Sponsor


The Medianet - 12:00pm

Murali Nemani

Cisco expects that some 90 percent of all consumer IP traffic will be video by 2013, a shift that will introduce fragmentation in both user experiences and monetization models. Cisco believes pay-TV and online video must converge to produce effective business models, using the network as a platform for this converged video experience.


GigaOM Pro Workshop - 12:30pm

Extreme Infrastructure: Taking Video Delivery to the Next Stage

Malachy Moynihan

Over the past year, large-scale news events such as President Obama's inauguration and Michael Jackson's funeral pushed current-generation Internet video delivery networks to their limits. Indeed, as more consumers go online to satiate their video-viewing appetites, online delivery networks will need to evolve so they can better handle these multimillion-viewer events. Join GigaOM Pro to discuss how the video delivery network will evolve to take greater advantage of new technologies across cloud computing, VOD, CDN and P2P networks in order to better handle extreme-video delivery.


Cisco Workshop - 3:20pm

Shift Happens! A Contemporary Saga of Disruption and Strategy

Pankaj Gupta

Shift is happening in consumer behavior, content consumption and business models across the video ecosystem. This workshop discusses suggested strategies to manage these shifts effectively. Many examples of these strategies in action by service and content providers will also be provided.

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