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2010 Outlook: Mobile Internet Inflection Point

Posted By David Deans, 21 December 2009 | 2 Comments | (3)
Tags: Trends Mobile Internet Wiress mobility multimedia Cisco starent

To date, IP infrastructure has been a relatively small percentage of the mobile operator capex investment. However, market demand for advanced mobility applications is forecast to accelerate deployment momentum in 2010.

The scalability and intelligence that is inherent in IP infrastructure provides service providers the greatest potential impact on overall network profitability -- through the generation of new services and very timely cost savings.


In the coming year, forward-looking operators will proactively increase their network performance, including the key transaction, throughput, density, and low latency metrics.


With the wireless bandwidth demand curve clearly trending upward, providers will enhance their network intelligence to shape the user experience and optimize overall network efficiency.


In fact, all participants in the Mobile Internet value-chain are actively preparing for the continued development and adoption of multimedia-oriented service offerings.


Supercharging the Mobile Internet

In related news, Cisco recently announced it has completed its acquisition of Starent Networks, a leading supplier of Internet Protocol (IP) based mobile infrastructure solutions targeting mobile and converged carriers.


With the Mobile Internet at an inflection point as IP-enabled Smartphones and other connected mobile devices gain rapid acceptance, service providers have been actively investing in this market.


Global mobile data traffic is expected to more than double every year through 2013, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index.


Starent Networks' mobile infrastructure solutions play an important role in enabling service providers to scale their mobile infrastructure and monetize their investments via differentiated experiences.


They provide the multimedia intelligence, core network functions and services to manage access from any 2.5G, 3G and 4G radio network to a mobile operator's packet core network. Starent Networks' access-independent technology is deployed in CDMA2000 (1X, EV-DO), UMTS/HSPA and WiMAX networks.


With the completion of the transaction, Starent Networks becomes part of Cisco's new Mobile Internet Technology Group within the Service Provider Group (SPG).


In addition, Ashraf Dahod, former president and CEO of Starent Networks, becomes senior vice president and general manager of this new group, reporting to Pankaj Patel, senior vice president and general manager of SPG.


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(1) 22 December 2009 06:36:27 by Zoya Fallah

Very insightful! Thank you for sharing.

(2) 12 April 2010 16:17:28 by Melissa Mines

Interesting stats.