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How the ASR 5000 Accelerates Mobile Video

Posted By David Deans, 20 October 2010 | 0 Comments | (2)
Tags: Cisco ASR 5000 In-Line Services Broadband multimedia Video

Cisco announced a new addition to its Cisco ASR 5000 In-Line Services portfolio -- the Cisco Traffic Packet Optimization (TPO) service capability.

Mobile data traffic is experiencing dramatic growth. According to  the Cisco Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Forecast for 2009-2014, global mobile data traffic increased 160 percent over the past year to 90 petabytes per month, or the equivalent of 23 million DVDs. Mobile data traffic is projected to increase by a factor of 39 and reach 3.6 exabytes per month by 2014, growing 2.4 times as fast as fixed broadband data traffic. 


Cisco TPO speeds up the delivery of popular mobile video, Internet and cloud computing services, improving end users' mobile experiences while reducing traffic loads on service providers' mobile networks.


By integrating Cisco TPO network and service intelligence into the Cisco ASR 5000, Cisco has created a highly efficient solution that reduces capital and operational expenses and allows service providers to simultaneously increase network capacity and performance.


Cisco ASR 5000 In-Line Services also help service providers deliver differentiated services that can be quickly monetized and optimized for customer attraction and retention.


Cisco TPO is a new service capability that optimizes transmission control protocol (TCP) and hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) traffic to improve the performance of video and Web applications, while reducing the amount of traffic in a service providers' network, resulting in end-to-end cost savings.


Improve the User Experience, and Reduce Network Traffic

The Cisco ASR 5000 is a proven mobile multimedia gateway platform and is one of the highest performing and most reliable flexible packet core solutions on the market. With In-Line Services, the Cisco ASR 5000 also provides service providers with a critical tool to better manage their networks and more quickly deliver new mobile services.


A recent independent test sponsored by Light Reading and conducted by the European Advanced Networking Test Center AG showed that the performance for the Cisco ASR 5000 remained consistent, even when services were fully activated. 


"As mobile services like video and the Internet have become more bandwidth-intensive, operators are increasingly pressured to deliver these services with a higher degree of quality while still maintaining reliability and availability across the entire network. Cisco TPO is a valuable tool that does two very important things: It allows mobile operators to enhance the end-user experience while improving bandwidth utilization at the same time," said Daryl Schoolar, principal analyst, wireless infrastructure, Current Analysis.


Cisco will discuss and demonstrate its Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) for the Mobile Internet at the 4G World 2010 taking place this week in Chicago.

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