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Converging Mobile and Fixed Networks in UAE

Posted By David Deans, 20 January 2011 | 0 Comments | (1)
Tags: Cisco CRS MPLS du UAE middle-east IP Convergence mobile

du, the UAE's integrated telecom service provider, announced it has converged its fixed and mobile IP transport networks using the Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System.

This enables fixed-mobile convergence on du's network to meet the demand for high-end broadband services and makes the company unique in its ability to rapidly deploy new high-bandwidth mobile applications and data packages.


Cisco and du have collaborated previously to develop a portfolio of data and mobility services in the UAE. This new phase of network development will allow du to improve the speed, flexibility and scalability of mobile-based services to its customers.


IP Network Convergence in Action:

  • This is one of the first regional fixed-mobile convergence projects where the fixed and mobile all services run on the same IP network with mobile (signaling and bearer), mobile data, residential Internet, business Internet, residential voice, enterprise voice, international voice, Layer 2 VPNs, Layer 3 VPNs and video running on a single IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching core powered by Cisco. This collaboration between Cisco and du also paves the way for future mobile applications and services to du's customers in the UAE.
  • By consolidating cores, du is able to offer its customers in the UAE a more scalable platform to deliver future services at a higher quality. The reduction in core equipment and the move to the latest technology also reduce du's energy consumption and  carbon footprint.
  • The project consisted of the Cisco CRS and core points-of-presence upgrades to meet higher bandwidth requirements, with a 10x bandwidth upgrade for mobile-based services through the addition of new hardware to the mobile nodes. The Mobile network was then enabled with end to end quality of service prioritising critical traffic.


"Our vision to run a fully converged network where all the fixed and mobile services run on the same IP network is being achieved through our fixed mobile convergence projects. By collaborating with Cisco we will be able to deploy state-of-the art technology to continue enhancing the level of service we are delivering to our customers," says Hatem Bamatraf, senior vice president, Network Development, du.

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