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NTT Communications Cloud-Based Unified Communications Service

Posted By David Deans, 31 August 2011 | 0 Comments | (1)
Tags: NTT Cisco collaboration Cloud Computing managed services

Cisco announced that NTT Communications Corporation has deployed the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution for its cloud-based Unified Communication Service (UCaaS).

The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution will enable NTT Com to provide customers with voice and video calling, unified voicemail messaging, presence and instant messaging, and a wide variety of mobility features and options. This as-a-service offering is well suited for customers who aren't able or don't want to deploy or manage these technologies themselves.


Buying applications this way helps customers deploy communications and collaboration services more quickly, with more flexibility, and more efficiently in terms of budget and personnel resources. Even though the technology and applications do not reside on customer premises, NTT Com will be able to provide customers with a highly consistent end-user experience, as well as high security and control.


The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution is based on Cisco Unified Service Delivery, an integrated data center solution based on the Cisco Unified Computing System which makes installations, upgrades, and customizations easier to perform, and improves security and redundancy. Cisco Unified Service Delivery gives customers dedicated cloud-based applications in NTT Com's data center while enabling NTT Com to optimize data center resources.


Buying applications from the "cloud" very effectively supports the unique challenges of increasingly global business models. Recently, employees' workplaces and work styles have evolved to be more mobile and dynamic, which causes increased challenges for management as they seek to support smooth communication and collaboration between remote offices and employees, in flexible and economical ways. In more challenging economic environments, companies also need to strengthen their competitive edge, improve their flexibility and agility. To do this, they must be able to respond quickly to the changing business environment, by focusing their management resources on core businesses.


The cloud-based Unified Communication Service "UCaaS Plan" launched by NTT Com addresses these needs by adding a new cloud-based service menu to NTT's Arcstar Unified Communication Service, a seamless collaboration service across global enterprise customers.  The UCaaS Plan enables global companies to use voice calls, presence management, instant messages, video calls, web conferences, and many other communication features seamlessly, on wide-ranging devices such as landline phones, PCs, and smartphones.


The following benefits are expected by deploying the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution for NTT Com's UCaaS Plan:


1. Flexible service deployment

By supporting various services with a single common infrastructure, NTT Com can provide its customers with a ubiquitous user experience, regardless of the implementation type (hosting, managed, on-premise), while also reducing costs.

2. High performance and scalability

The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution enables higher performance, reduced cost of ownership, and improved productivity.  It enables easy installation, upgrades, and customization with improved security and backup systems.  It also helps the company offer a comprehensive collaborative service, which facilitates large-scale implementations, and covers multiple customers.

3. Global deployment

The combination of Cisco's globally standard technologies and solutions, and NTT Com's global networks and datacenters enables seamless deployment of a global one-stop service.


"By adopting the globally-respected Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution as a platform, NTT Com has achieved its goal of offering a cloud-based unified communication service worldwide," said Masahiro Wakai, senior vice president, NTT Com. "With our aim of becoming a ‘Global ICT Partner,' we will continue our efforts to offer reliable, globally seamless ICT services built on constant innovation," he added. 


Cisco will continue to support NTT Communication's new global service built on Cisco Hosted Collaboration Service platform by assisting their customers in deploying collaboration technologies that brings about a new way of working with an excellent operational efficiency and profitability.

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