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Telenor Satellite Broadcasting selects Cisco Videoscape

Posted By David Deans, 09 September 2011 | 0 Comments | (1)
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Cisco announced that Telenor Satellite Broadcasting AS (TSBc) has selected Cisco to power the company's new encoding platform for Web-based TV.

This will enable Telenor Satellite Broadcasting's customers to deliver their channel offerings across any number of screens.


TSBc selected Cisco to help ensure an exceptional quality of experience across a range of devices for the company's live online and mobile coverage of the Norwegian national football championships at an optimized total cost of ownership.


TSBc‘s service will use Cisco's Media Processor, a cornerstone component of the Cisco Videoscape platform, to stream live content via Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) video to PC, mobile or tablet devices. Cisco's technology automatically optimizes the resolution, bit rate and metadata of sports video for the user's specific device characteristics and network conditions, helping to ensure a premium video experience over any IP network or on any device.


Why Norway's Leading Satellite Operator Chose Videoscape

  • TSBc is using the Cisco Media Processor appliances to power the real-time streaming of multiple channels for the coverage of Norwegian national football leagues -- Tippeligaen and Adeccoligaen -- at an optimised total cost of ownership. The service is now live following a deployment process carried out by the systems integrator Video4. TSBc  plans to expand it to other live channels following this initial deployment.
  • In addition to many other capabilities, the Cisco Videoscape platform includes both the maximum density Cisco AS8100 Series Media Processor and the Cisco AS6000 Series Media Processor to help ensure flexible , robust and simplified operations across a variety of streaming platforms, including Windows Media, Flash, iOS, Android and 3GPP.
  • The comprehensive Cisco Videoscape platform for service and content providers simplifies the enablement of digital TV and online content together with social media and communications to create a truly immersive and synchronized home and mobile video entertainment experience. Cisco Videoscape is an open platform that utilizes the cloud, the network, and client devices to deliver new premium video experiences over a service provider's broadband Internet service instead of "best-effort" quality.
  • Demand for IP video services is growing rapidly. According to Cisco's Visual Networking Index, video traffic will exceed 91 percent of global consumer traffic by 2014. Internet video alone will account for 57 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2014.


"Our live streaming video services are a major focus for us, allowing us to deliver content in real time to the Internet and take our services beyond the TV screen and on to PC, mobile and tablet devices. In order to make these services a success, we have to be able to ensure that this content can be delivered quickly, reliably, to the highest possible standard and at the lowest cost of operations. We are confident that Cisco's Media Processor solution will help us ensure this quality," said Torkel Aamodt Thoresen, Chief Technologist Broadcast, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting AS.

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