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Nilesat Deploys Digital Media Network in MENA Region

Posted By David Deans, 14 May 2012 | 0 Comments | (1)
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At Cairo ICT 2012, Cisco and Nilesat, the leading satellite operator in the MENA region, announced that Nilesat has successfully installed Cisco Digital Media solutions for its contribution network.

Cisco's end-to-end Media, Satellite, and Broadcast Video Solution provides all the important features Nilesat will need in the digital headend -- including acquisition, video encoders and transcoders, video processors, encryption and management.


Using the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach, Cisco and its partners developed a broad portfolio of services that addressed all aspects of planning, deploying, operating, and optimizing Nilesat's video network. The Cisco ROSA Video Service Manager system will also provide a complete solution for end-to-end management. It will monitor, manage, and control equipment and services throughout the Nilesat network.


Currently the new digital contribution system between the Nilesat headend and the Egyptian Radio & Television Union (ERTU) site carries 32 government TV channels and hosts 40 radio stations to be broadcast over Nilesat's Satellites, Cisco video solutions at Nilesat headend (Nilesat DVB Center) is also processing more than 150 TV and radio channels.


Cisco Media, Satellite, and Broadcast Solution


Cisco's Nilesat installation is built around three encoding solutions :

  • Cisco D9036 Modular Encoding Platform which provides multi-resolution, multi-format encoding for all applications requiring high levels of video quality.
  • Cisco DCM Series D9900 Digital Content Manager MPEG Processors the next generation of intelligent headend processing equipment combines compactness and flexibility and leads to a cost-effective solution.
  • The Cisco ASR 1002 Router which comes in a two-rack unit (RU) form factor and is an ideal solution for a large branch office, for WAN aggregation, or as a managed high-speed customer premises equipment (CPE) device to support enhanced features such as security, deep packet inspection, and firewall.

As the number of advanced applications continues to expand in the Nilesat network, managing and monitoring the network and its performance increases in importance. The Cisco ROSA Video Service Manager system will reduce complexity, increase uptime and also help to decrease operating expenses.


Media production, contribution and distribution solutions are also integral to the Cisco Media, Satellite, and Broadcast Solution. They provide the foundation for an end-to-end digital workflow that dynamically moves media through each stage in the media delivery process.


With Cisco media production solutions Nilesat will not only be able to easily extend content to any business unit, partner, or customer device, anywhere in the world, but it will also be able to reduce costs by consolidating and virtualizing media applications and infrastructures. The delivery of new content will also be accelerated.


Cisco media production solutions will also enable Nilesat to adopt the concept of the medianet: an intelligent network of networks that is optimized end-to-end for dynamic media experiences. This will help to deliver a single, scalable IP architecture that extends from the point of content ingest through every aspect of editing and production, across video contribution and distribution networks, all the way to the customer screen. A medianet will transform the customer experience by delivering more content, mobility, personalization, and control.

Cisco media contribution solutions can provide editing and modifying content for regions and sponsors, add special graphic treatments and transport content, error-free, to dispersed facilities. In a sporting event, for example, video feeds may originate from a stadium and be edited and enhanced at an onsite editing facility. They are then transported to a national or global broadcast center for distribution.


Cisco's media distribution solutions will allow Nilesat to serve hundreds of operator head-ends and affiliate locations thereby meeting requirements for diverse video formats, quality levels, and compression standards. Also, with media distribution solutions Nilesat can deliver finished content and advertising to consumers in new ways.


"Nilesat chose Cisco's Media, Satellite, and Broadcast Video Solution because satellite communications in Egypt are evolving rapidly and we know how important it is to invest in the latest state-of-the-art solutions to enable us to take our customer offering to the next level. The Cisco solution will enable us to do this cost-effectively whilst also delivering the highest possible quality service," said Mr. Salah Hamza, chief technology officer and acting chairman, Nilesat .

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