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HOT Selects the Cisco DCM IP Video Gateway

Posted By David Deans, 20 June 2012 | 0 Comments | (1)
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Cisco announced that it has been selected by Israeli service provider HOT to provide networked video technology to enable new video services and applications.

HOT will deploy the Cisco Digital Content Manager IP Video Gateway (DCMG), part of the Cisco Videoscape architecture, to enable non-compressed and JPEG2000 compressed video transport to a variety of customers in the media and broadcast industries, as well as to sports stadiums and satellite service providers.


Supporting Advanced Video Services

  • HOT Business Service is an end-to-end Internet Protocol (IP) network designed to deliver business critical technologies to broadcasters and studios, as the demand for content accelerates and high definition (HD) video becomes more widely adopted.
  • Cisco DCMG is a compact Serial Digital Interface (SDI) video gateway platform that can support full-quality delivery of multiple video signals. It is a key component of the HOT Business Service due to its high video quality, flexibility, redundancy, availability and network efficiency.
  • As a cable operator specializing in video and content distribution, HOT must prepare its network to meet the changing requirements of these video centric customers.
  • Previously, HOT used to provide mainly analogue and standard definition video service to its customers. To help its business adapt to the rapid growth of HD video, an advanced DCMG solution was deployed for SD and HD video contribution and distribution. This system is connected to the HOT business network-wide monitoring systems in order to provide quick responses in case of failure and to help ensure top quality service to their customers.
  • To date, HOT has deployed the Cisco solution at over 30 locations with both point-to-point and point-to-multi-point architectures in a redundant and in a non-redundant configuration. The video contribution solution was integrated by Cisco partner Bluebird ltd.


"Our collaboration with Cisco and the introduction of Cisco's Digital Content Manager IP Video Gateway to our network provides HOT with the ability to offer more advanced video services to our business customers," said Yanir Saraga, director of engineering, HOT.

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