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Telmex Managed Unified Communications Service Evolves

Posted By David Deans, 12 November 2012 | 0 Comments | (1)
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Telmex has announced the extension and strengthening of its Managed Unified Communications Service Platform (Plataforma de Servicios de Comunicaciones Unificadas Administradas).

Improvements include new services that integrate different communication platforms with cloud applications, primarily using the platform of Telmex’s technology partner, Cisco.


As part of its new offer, Telmex is making available communication platforms to its customers based on mobility, online collaboration, greater use of video services and new models in the applications’ use and consumption.


This evolution allows customers to incorporate new services into their current communication platforms, facilitating collaboration and simplifying the administration of business processes, which will also allow them to increase the operating efficiency, enhance productivity and reduce costs.


Telmex, with its Telmex IT Platform, is a leader in managed unified communications services in Mexico, and with the collaboration of its partners, like Cisco, it has an important portfolio of services that support business processes and operations in enterprises and government agencies.


Cisco Unified Communication services like Telepresencia Puerto Extendido, Telepresencia Administrada and Web conferencing enable a more efficient operation. Company employees can take advantage of training options, as well as mobile and interactive sales applications, reducing travel expenses and improving customer service.  


These services are available at a national level through a monthly payment model, which fully reduces investments in infrastructure and operation by the customer.


The new solutions implemented by Telmex will provide:


Extending the user’s experience to mobile devices.  The Cisco Jabber software solution extends the capacities of Cisco Unified Communications to  iOS, Android, BlackBerry. Capabilities include chat (IM), presence, voice, messaging, video, desk and conference sharing. Cisco WebEx, a Web collaboration application, now expands the enriched multimedia experience to different mobile platforms . In addition, it now adds high-definition video to provide a better experience to the customer.


Adding advanced Unified Communications capacities. Extend&Connect allows a transparent migration of traditional telephony to Cisco Unified Communications. To add a telephone to the Unified Communications environment, the user simply adds the number in the Cisco Jabber application on the PC, and the call is routed automatically to that telephone.


Enriching the TelePresence experience.  A wide range of new applications can be chosen according to a company’s communication needs and user profiles. The portfolio includes PC or iPad applications like Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence, and personal video devices like the TelePresence EX series, apart from the multipurpose systems for meeting rooms of the TelePresence MX or profiles series, and the immersion systems of the new TelePresence TX series.


These services allow companies to enrich their interaction experiences through video, facilitating faster and more efficient business decision making, apart from establishing communication with the productivity ecosystem through B2B and B2C services.


“Through our data center infrastructure, with a wide network of national and international coverage, we offer an end-to-end integral service, with the quality of service and security to transport and protect our customers’ information,” said Isidoro Ambe, enterprise market commercial director for Telmex. “With this evolution of the networks and the services portfolio, Telmex in collaboration with Cisco ratifies the commitment to offer state-of-the-art technology to the Mexican market.”


“In Cisco we offer a wide integrated portfolio of collaboration solutions, which places us as leaders in the area,” said Rogelio Velasco, vice president, Cisco México. “We are pleased to support Telmex in this service evolution through our collaboration solutions like Cisco Jabber, Webex and TelePresence, which reduce operating costs and improve users’ productivity.”

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