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TelecomTV's Network Innovation will chart the development of THE most important trends in telecoms & connected IT. Not just the technologies - Software Defined Networking, Network Functions Virtualisation, Big Data, Cloud and mobile & fixed broadband - but how they are being mashed together to construct new business models, new services, new capabilities. New sources of innovation.
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Afterglow! Orange's bright future is all behind it as far as UK is concerned.

EE by gum! After 20 years the Orange mobile brand is to disappear from British shores - as is that of its rather less well-known sister company T-Mobile - as parent organisation EE (that's the hubristic Everything Everywhere as was) seeks to expunge the colour from Britain's collective memory and convince the population that EE 4G forms the sunlit communications uplands towards which we should all be marching while singing the company song. By Martyn Warwick. (0)
by TelecomTV One | yesterday
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